In these times of isolation and separation, let's keep making music.

This is a free platform for you all to share the music you are working on, what you studio set up looks like, or other forms of inspiration to all the music makers out there.

A story behind a song in the time it takes to break down and roll up. I talk about the inspiration behind "Untitled (Hit Record)", confronting my own lyrics when buying video wardrobe, and writing freely.

Music you made
Ivo Blackwood · 2020 05 26 2125 2147
Masala Chai · Live Mix | 01
KLONE. · You Are The One
Knight · Battlecry (Instrumental Version)
Ronam Angiras · Fire Within My Heart
The Palyans · Chuni Ashkharhe (feat. Duncan Barton)
PA Torres · Satánica
Erin Mullaney · Take Control
JediWright · Awaken To Dreams
AALAP · Mysuru
Ed Hannon · R2D2
MetaChasm · Where's Your Chill, Suck on This
Casnova · Isolation Edits
Ronam Angiras · Fire Within My Heart
The Maximum Chill · Long Distance Friction
O$P$ · Kings of Geylang (Slim Thug - 3 Kings Bootleg)
Shaquille Sadiq
Father, Son & Alcohol


Thus Unspoken · Prying Fiction
Roshan Jamrock · Too Original (Official Music Video)
MIDI_MOD · 20200517 Long Distance
Quis Bueno · Sessions, Vol. 2
Finish Your Dinner
Young Negrensé · Black Swan
Rory Childs · Sky
Beyond Borders · Rubatosis
Lonely Dance · Lerk
DJ Favoretto · Oh man
In a Spin · Heiðar Sigurðsson
Cheap Coffee · Berlin
Gundy · Get Loose
KoFlow · AIAIAI StayHomeMakeMusic
DJ Joey Santos · Slow Symphony
Slxdio · Lokilo (feat E.T.)
Odqin · So Fine
Kiodi · Buried
Brayden · Losing my mind (prod. Bailey Daniel)
Stain · Malik Ambar
Dave Anonuevo · Still Together (ft. KRONE & Ian Khoo)
洋派對 N.Y.P.D.
Mocasa · Hennessi (feat. Rome Quest)
Light Shadows · Social Isolation
Andreas Nørregaard · Odeology Quarantine Techno livestream mix
ĀRĀ · Drunter & Drüber Online Festival
KoFlow · Light It Up
Abhinavx6 · Khariyat(20future)
Andø · Here & Nøw LA | Progressive Mix
Lazer Mike · Prime Time Slapper EP
SAYAA · A session by SAYAA vol.3 Get comfortable
Finite · ROXMLZ - Jam from 1994
Oceantied · Nostalgia 160
J.A.R Beats · PRAY4M3
Roshan · House Grooves Vol.3
Allen Oslo · For Days
Vincent von Flieger · Sapphire (Fusion Festival)
Aleksander Varenyky
Drunk Dog Funk
Dj Rajasick · Miziwab
Jacob Rochester · Selek Tape
Swonikz · Coming Over, Nowhere
Mas Hangok · The Day After Tomorrow
D1S · No Relation
Marcio · Acidz Quarantine Live
David Henriques
DJ Falsetto · Raindrops
Paul · Algo de Lago
Binary Flavor · Elektron test
Fat Benjamin · Unsocial dusting
Sam · Cowbell
Aka Samuel · Imind
DJ Respect · Call of our ancestors
Isaac Elejalde · Microchef
Syncopation Exercise on Snare Drum
Odqin · Always Home
Nicolas Lopez · Soundless Dream
Andrie Bayuajie
Adamn Hanke · Plans
Love & Bass · Progressive Desperation
La Longue Traine
Caroline Letho · Life Journey
liddledish · Mind Shift
Mike Norvak · Sample & Horror
Darragh.Redmond · Hey Get Down V1
Beezelbub · Night Air
Kevin Brady · Syncopation Series
Small Tower Street Sessions · #1
Soulwagon · #22
Sequence · Rokx
Nicolas Lopez · Soundless
INNO M · Bali Beach Techno No Ego Session 96
Kim Jong Chill
Ow1 · Voiceless
Savage Selector Smith · Miziwab System Sessions
Joey Santos · Studies in Isolation
Telefono · Solo Piano
Gabriele Farina · Double Trouble Sunset
Charlie JOrdan · Waves
Sampi · Cytokine storm (d minor)
Carl Rag · Billie Jean (Remix)
Virgacs · Senior Blood
DJ Yasu · Hope
Fabiano Jose · Time Express
Zinodaur · Kaiju Approaching
Thomas Cantadore · Tech House Mix
Fat Benjamin · Tiara ma soo
Per Bojsen-Møller · By Design_Demo
Soulpusha · Diggin Deep
Ant · Science Gallery
Yacht Goth · ohmy - Triple Double
Abhinavx6 · Synthwave&808's
DJ MoCity · City Goes Wax 007
Mike Norvak · Berlin: Symphony of a great city (Remix)
Lugoshi · On My Dreams
Djuliann · No Quarantine in my HOUSE
Infinytech · Hydric Cyrcle
BOREJ · Sonar
Dmitry Puffin · Gagarin
Nelson-6 · Sanctuary
Lampler · Electric Spark
Ludz81 · Isolation Motion
Maniak · Doma na prdeli
Andar en annan dag
ABS.TRK · Woodlands
Boy Boogie · Flight Over Egypt
Pawel B · La danse du brouillard
Technow · Live DJ set
Guiseppe Morabito · Abyss
Wuss · Behind the Shutter
ELLE · Summer Baby
D:Make · Lockdown March
Pleasant Stitch
Seemless · Trip to Mars
Dj Dose · Dose Live
Harris Allan · Piece Of Mind
Nelson-6 · Dangerous
Dry Pal · Home
Your studio set up
Music you listen to
Thundercat · It Is What It Is
In Light of Motivation
Jamie XX · Idontknow
Kaytranada · Bubba
Kate Bush · The Kick Inside
Miles Davis - Bitches Brew
Kojey Radical - Snakes
Bob Dylan - Murder Most Foul
Skepta, Chip, Young Adz - Insomnia
Pearl Jam - Gigaton
Knxwledge - 1988
Laurel Halo - Radomes
Modeselektor - Teufelssee